Dog Training doesn't need to be hard, it just needs to be understood.

Learn how to overcome and understand any behaviour your dog is displaying. Let's create a program that will give you fast results. Because, the best trainer for your dog is you.

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No matter your dog's breed, age or behaviour, we can help.

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Hi, I'm Taylor, and I am a Certified Dog Trainer & Behaviourist with 15 years experience in the industry.

My passion is to help you, so join me for virtual training that can be personalised to your dog. 

Let's fast track your training together.


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What can you expect from our online coaching?

Online coaching has been a successful way for our team of Certified Dog Behaviourists to train clients from all over the world for the past decade. We are the only online course with a dedicated support team to help you every step of the way. 

Form & Technique

Learn and incorporate the best methods and techniques to overcome any unwanted behaviour.
This is just like attending a dog training class, but with loads more information.

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We want to see you succeed.
So drop us a message or send an email and our team are here to help guide you.


Our methods are designed to help you personalise the program to your needs. Whether it's pulling on lead, aggression or general all round obedience, this course will help you.


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With over 4 1/2 hours worth of webinar & video content, there is no rush to complete your online learning with our unlimited access. Practice with your dog in the comfort of your home, at your own pace. 

Jane -

"I could not recommend higher! If you are in need of Dog Training and support they are the team to go to. The correspondence training option is amazing and it feels like they are right there next to you! They are also very affordable unlike other trainers that cost a bomb! "

Lisa -

"Cannot thank Taylor enough for the help in harmonising my little pack! Her insights and coaching have made such a dramatic impact to the behaviour of my dogs in such a short time. I’m so grateful!!" 

Anthony - Facebook

"Taylor is amazing. She has shown so much care and love for my dogs and has helped me with different types of training to suit my dogs needs. I cannot recommend her enough. Thanks." 

Molly -

"Since training, Buddy is able to do a focus heel off-lead near distractions (eg: kids, bikes other dogs ect) this was able to be achieved by Taylor’s help and tips to get us to where we are now I couldn’t recommend her more she is so nice and caring and is an amazing trainer."

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Every sale made goes towards our Registered Charity, providing free training support to rescue dogs and educating children on dog safety, globally.

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Don't delay training. We can help, every step of the way.

No dog is too old and it is never too late.


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Certificate lV Animal Training and Behaviour I Certified in Dog Psychology and Behaviour l Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Coach l Certificate lll Companion Animals Study l Certificate ll Animal Studies