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Free to join, always. We are not your ordinary affiliate program. We want to help you succeed. Because when you're successful, you are helping to support our registered charity to put a stop to surrendered dogs globally.


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Affiliate Support 

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about the product of sale.

We offer complete support for our affiliate team. 

Customer Support

Your customers become our responsibility. Any questions that your customers may have, they can speak with our team throughout the course. 

We offer full support within our programs.

Sell More, Earn More

To begin affiliates receive 30% commission of all sales. 

Our affiliate program rewards you for your hard work. Receive higher commission rates + amazing prizes.

Marketing video 

This video intro explains the problem and solution to engage customers. Giving a quick insight into what's involved in the course and how this course can help them. This marketing video is under 60 seconds so it can be placed on Instagram and Facebook platforms. 

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Image Cover

You may download this image by clicking on it. You can use this image as your video cover to encourage people to watch your video.

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